International Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Research™

ISSN 2455-6939


Elton Carlos Pereira Vieira de Alencar Teles , Daniel de Carvalho Leite , Felipe Fernando da Silva Siqueira

Work accidents for the rural man involving agricultural tractors and agrochemicals are among the main causes of work withdrawal in rural areas. Thus, the objective of this work was to demonstrate the real situation of the dynamics of accidents work for the use of machines, agricultural implements and pesticides during rural activities in Brazil. A review of the literature on the theme "work accidents by rural activities in Brazil" was carried out through researches in academic works, articles and scientific journals specific to this theme. It is observed that there is a dynamic of occupational hazards throughout the agricultural activity, among them, poisoning by pesticides due to the inappropriate use and the risk of accidents in agricultural machines and implements. In addition, the results showed that the main factors associated with these risks are: lack of training of farmers on the correct use of pesticides, lack of reading of the package leaflet and instruction manual of the machines and implements, low self-security, popular beliefs and customs in the control and prevention of occupational hazards. We conclude that the use of technology in the field allowed the rise in agricultural and livestock production, but the lack of training of farmers when using these technologies favored a significant increase in occupational hazards during the work activities of farmers. Physical and chemical risks are those that cause the most damage to rural workers.

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