International Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Research™

ISSN 2455-6939


Dr. Owoyemi, J. M. , Adamolekun, O. R. and Aladejana J. T.

Wood behave differently under different environment, the knowledge of the hygroscopic nature of wood is a key factor when selecting wood for a particular. This study assessed the hygroscopic behavior of Hevea brasiliensis wood. Void volume; Percentage volumetric swelling in the tangential, radial and longitudinal direction; and percentage volumetric swelling were used to assess the response of the selected wood when loosing moisture. Samples were obtained longitudinally, transversely and dried in the oven at 103 +_ 2'C for laboratory experiment. The mean values for moisture content in green Hevea brasiliensis wood were 49.74 %, 51.14 % and 54.36 % for top, middle and bottom portion respectively along the tree while 51.77 %, 50.02 % and 53.45 % was recorded for outer, middle and inner portions respectively across the tree. The values obtained for volumetric shrinkage and swelling were higher at the top part of H. brasiliensis. It was also observed that the longitudinal shrinkage was negligible while tangential direction showed the highest shrinkage among the wood direction. The result obtained showed clarification on the wood density of hevea brasiliensis based on the position and portion of the wood species and the variation in moisture content, void volume, volumetric shrinkage and swelling were also revealed. This will provide information in the process of drying hevea brasiliensis wood to ensure better wood quality devoid of defects.

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