International Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Research™

ISSN 2455-6939


Dev Nidhi Tiwari

The main aim of this review paper is to synthesize all the knowledge and information that have been generated through years of research and organized study in the field of seed invigoration techniques by various authors. Tremendous efforts were made in order to derive the successful results for seed quality enhancement through seed invigoration techniques. This paper summarizes all the possible research outputs and information derived in seed invigoration of different crops. Thus seed invigoration is physiological and biochemical changes related to synchronous germination, velocity, and increased seed germination. Priming is an invigoration technique that enhances the physiological and biochemical events in seeds during suspension of germination by low osmotic potential and negligible matric potential of the imbibing medium. Seed priming has emerged as an effective approach for increasing seed vigor and germination synchronization, as well as, seedling growth and field establishment under adverse environmental conditions. Various seed priming techniques have been developed, including hydro-priming (soaking in water), halo-priming (soaking in inorganic salt solutions eg. NaCl, CaCl2, KNO3), osmo-priming (soaking in solutions of different organic osmotica), thermopriming (treatment of seeds with low or high temperatures), solid matrix priming (treatment of seed with solid matrices placing seeds between saturated jute mat layers), hardening (alternate soaking of seeds in tap water and drying before sowing) and bio-priming (hydration with biological compounds). In addition to these, seed pelleting, seed coating, physical methods such as magneto-priming, magnetic resonance invigoration, ionizing radiations are vital techniques for seed quality enhancement. All of these techniques have been increasingly used in various crops in different countries. Most recently very efficient and eco-friendly and economical approaches of seed invigoration have been emerging in the field of seed science and technology.

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